About Me..?

As a Professional I have been working as a Sales Executive in FMCG Industry Since 2008, the year I passed out from Satyawati College, Delhi University.

Never ever imagined music line as a career even now i spend my  day time in sales job, and Night with my music fever.

Till Aug’2012 Used to Sing whatever was in my heart & mind,This became one way to fight with loneliness which was sing my own thoughts without playing any musical instrument.

Life is unexpected and changes like hell, so Last year it changed on 360′ Degree. And gifted me music so that i got engaged and wont get time to Curse that GOD for making my life like hell.

Well Life’s Strategy worked out and Now I got music(As a Life Partner) to fight with loneliness.

So from Aug’12- till date

1. I recorded my first composition “Meri Raahain Hai Juda”, – Became Singer & Composer by default.

2. Started learning Keyboard & after one month recorded ” Maa Tu Rona Naa” – Became Music Director by default.

3. Made my own small home studio with basic things & recoded ” Khoya Hai Dil Saa” –  Full Song by myself by default.


Now working on all the defaults till (Jab Tak Mera Mood Karega)…:p